CII Diploma in insurance


For a student to qualify to get a CII diploma, they need to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of content. The assessment method is both multiple choices questions and Course work.  The main difference between a diploma and a certificate is the level of knowledge is quite high. 

It’s recommended that a student starts with Insurance Law (M05). Among all CII modules, Insurance law has a reputation for being tough. It’s tough because of case laws that a student has to remember. This can be quite intimidating. Insurance law is the foundation of what of the insurance industry. 

After getting through insurance law, you will need to choose one business module. The choice is between Insurance business and finance (M92) or Economics and Business (530). The two have lots of overlaps that is why you have to choose one. After doing two core modules, you then have to do 2 more modules at diploma level or above.  

Credit Level Required For a CII Diploma

You are required to get 120 credits and over whichever modules you choose. The 120 credits include the 40 credits accumulated from the certificate level.  A student who completes 4 diploma modules gets 90 additional credits. 

How long does the CII diploma Take

The time it takes to finish a CII diploma will depend on your time commitment. It’s generally advisable to try and do one module every 3 months. It’s advisable to book the exam immediately after you finish the coursework to keep your momentum.

 Diploma modules


Core modules
Unit Credit Level
Insurance Law (M05) 25 4
Insurance business and finance (M92) 25 4
Economics and Business (530) 30 6
Optional Modules Commercial insurance contract wording (M21) 20 4
Life, critical illness and disability underwriting (p61) 30 4
Life, critical illness, and disability claims (P63) 30 4
Long-term insurance business (P63) 25 4
Private medical insurance practice (P64) 25 4
Delegated authority (M66) 25 4
Fundamentals of risk management (M67) 25 4
Underwriting practice (M80) 20 4
Insurance broking practice (M81) 20 4
Claims practice ( M85) 20 4
Personal insurances (M86) 20 4
Cargo and goods in transit insurances (M90) 25 4
Aviation and space insurance (M91) 30 4
Commercial property & business interruption insurances (M93) 25 4
Motor insurance (M94) 25 4
Liability insurances (M96) 25 4
Reinsurance (M97) 30 4
Marine hull and associated liabilities(M98) 30 4

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